Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crate 06 - Vertigo Swirl

In the late sixties and early seventies almost every major record company set out to intiate one or more subsidiary labels whose aim was to consider rock music as a serious form of art. The idea was to offer the public a quality product which involved not only adventurous musical content, but also elaborate an artistic packaging. The Vertigo Swirl label founded by Mercury Records (Philips) in 1969 was the one which most consistently embodies this concept for Rock music. This is probably the reason why the Vertigo releases became some of the most collactable records of this style, comparable to Blue Note for Jazz.
For this Crate, I dug out some rare LP's, aside from the well-known releases by Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep, to portrait the musical spectrum of the label, which covers Progressive Rock, Fusion, Folk, Electronic and Hardrock as well as Jazz and Afrofunk!

1) Lighthouse - One fine morning
(One fine Morning, 1971)

2) Bob Downes Open Music - Keep Off the Grass
(Electric City, 1970)

3) Jade Warrior - Psychiatric Sergeant
(Jade Warrior, 1971)

4) Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots
(Roots, 1973)

5) Manfred Mann Chapter-Three - Time
(Manfred Mann Chapter-Three, 1969)

6) Lighthouse - Love of a Woman
(One fine Morning, 1971)

7) Gentle Giant - Black Cat
(Acquiring the Taste, 1971)

8) May Blitz - Honey coloured time
(2nd of May, 1971)

9) Affinity - I am and so are you
(Affinity, 1970)

10) Still Life - Dreams
(Still Life, 1971)

11) Gentle Giant - Funny Ways
(Gentle Giant, 1970)

12) Assagai - Cocoa
(Assagai, 1971)

13) Bob Downes Open Music - Keep Off the Grass
(Electric City, 1970)

14) Patto - Beat the Drum
(Hold Your Fire (Bonus), 1971)

15) Dr. Z - Spiritus, Manes Et Umbra
(Three Parts to My Soul, 1971)

16)  Ramases - Earth People
(Space Hymns, 1971)

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