Monday, December 1, 2014

Crate 10 - Groovy Christmas

Happiness and positive vibes are guaranteed in this winter season: Crate No. 10 is stacked with rare grooves and some obscure reinterpretations for the holy night. Sing-a-long, dance around the tree and spread the news, it's Christmas time!

01) Sugar Minott - Christmas time
(Single, Black Roots, 197?)

02) Mr. President - It's Christmas Time
(Single, Favorite Recordings, 2011)

03) Houghas Sorowonko featuring Pee Pee Dynamite - A Groovy Christmas and New Year
(Single, Academy LP's, 2011)

04) James Brown - Soulful Christmas
(A Soulful Christmas, King Records, 1968)

05) Electric Jungle - Funky funky Christmas
(Single, Nike, 1971)

06) Donny Hathaway - It's Christmas
(Single, ATCO, 1970)

07) Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz, it's Christmas
(Single B-Side, Atlantic, 1963)

08) Marvin Gaye - Purple Snowflakes
(Recorded in 1964, later released by Motown on a Compilation)

09) The Soulful Strings - Santa Claus is coming
(The Magic of Christmas, Cedet, 1968)

10) Detroit Junior - Christmas Day
(Single, Foxy, 1961)

11) The Impossible - Here come Santa Claus (from Singapore)
(Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Sima, 196?)

12) Bluestar Chorus - Jingle Bells (from Taiwan)
(X'Mas a Go-Go, Union, 1967)

13) Twistin' Kings - Xmas Twist
(Single, Motown, 1962)

14) Poppa Hop & his Orchestra - Merry Christmas Darling
(Single, Ivory, 1961)

15) Jimmy Smith - Jingle Bells
(Christmas '64, Verve, 1964)

16) The Soulful Strings - The little drummer boy

(The Magic of Christmas, Cedet, 1968)

17) Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Ain't no chimney in the pojects
(Soul Time!, Daptone, 2011)

18) Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa
(Single B-Side, Atlantic, 1968)

19) William Bell - Everyday will be like a holiday
(Single, Stax, 1967)

20) Charles Brown - Merry Christmas, Baby
(Single, King Records, 1960)

21) Funk Machine - Soul Santa
(Single, Creative Funk, 1973)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crate 09 - Porn Grooves II

It's getting bigger and better: You are about to listen to another hour of Porn Grooves! Over the last months I collected more filthy Funk, grubby Soul and dirty Salsa: Original motion picture soundtracks for porn flicks, rare library music used in erotic B-movies, as well as voluptuous rare grooves.
This mix is so hot, it will make you forget that it's winter season!

1) Rita - Erotica 
(Single, Barclay, 1969)

2) Intimate Strangers - Love Sounds
(Single, Alaska, 1975)

3) Bernard Purdie - Lialeh
(Lialeh OST, Bryan Records, 1974)

4) Armando Trovaioli - Sesso Matto
(OST Single "Le Sexe Fou", Vogue, 1974)

5) Assagai - Telephone Girl
(Assagai, Vertigo, 1971)

6) The Afrosound - Jungle Fever
(Joint (Sampler), Discos Fuentes, 197?)

7) Jean-Pierre Pouret - Introduction to Love
(Bande Originale Des 12 Meilleurs Films Classe X, General Music, 1980)

8) Alan Hawkshaw - Hawkwind & Fire (from "Never so Deep")
(Light My Fire, Bruton Music, 1978)

9) Sara Montiel - Touch me
(Single, Columbia, 1975)

10) Georges De Giafferi - Sado Maso
(Single, Germainal, 1970)

11) Ray Brown Orchestra - Coming and Going
 (The Adventurers OST, Symbolic, 1970)

12) Aguaturbia - Erotica
(Aguaturbia, Arena, 1969)

13) South African Combo - Orgiastic Ritual
(Single, Tickle, 1972) 

14) Roger Hamilton Spotts - Quasi's Theme 
(Tongue OST, Chocolate Cities, 1975)

15) Quango & Sparky - Soljerin On (from "A Girl's Best Friend)
(Disco, Sonoton, 1980)

16) Philippe Nicaud - C'ex
(Single, Barclay, 1973)

17) Paolo Ormi e la sua Orchestra - No no no
( Single B-Side, RCA, 1972)

18) Danyel Gérard - Sexologie
(Single B-Side, CBS, 1970)

19) Rabbits & Carrots - Sex Machine
(Soul Latino, Musart, 1972)

20) Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - Unknown
(Ecstasy, Columbia, 1970)

21) Blowfly - Sesame Street
(Blowfly On TV, Weird World, 1974)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Crate 08 - Meskalima (Peruvian Grooves)

The crate in October is filled to burst with a selection of the rarest, most funky and psychedelic records from Peru! During the late 60's and early 70's the musical scene in the melting pot Lima was creative and diverse. Influenced by popular music from the United States, local groups started to reinterpret these styles and mix them with traditional elements. Despite the military dictatorship led by Juan Velasco Alvarado, who tried to keep Rock music under control, the underground scene flourished and recorded a variety of great tunes: From Psych or Fusion, to Cumbia and Funk. Arriba!

1) Telegraph Avenue - Something Going

(Telegraph Avenue, Mag, 1971)

2) Enrique Lynch - Sexympacto Medley
(Sexympacto!, Sono Radio, 197?)

3) Manzanito Y Su Conjuto - Agua
(El nuevo Sonido, El Virrey, 196?)

4) Bossa 70 - Think
(Bossa 70, Philips, 1970)

5) Conjuto Cacique - Cacique
(Single, Sello Vergara, 19??) 

6) La Kabala - El cumbanchero
(La Kabala, RCA Victor, 1970)

7) Pax - Dark Rose
(Single B-Seite, 197?, Virrey)

8)  Telegraph Avenue - Tookie Tookie
(Volumen 2, Mag, 1975)

9) El Alamo - Listen Me
(Malos Pensamientos, Decibel, 1970)

10) The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter - Betty Boom - Little Monster
(Soul & Pepper, El Virrey, 1969)

11) Gerado Manuel - Punto Y Aparte
(Machu Pichu 2000, Polydor, 1971)

12) Tarkus - Tranquila Perflexion
(Tarkus, Mag, 1972)

13) Jaime Delgado Aparicio - Sayonara Blues
(Jaime Delgado Aparicio Y Su Trio, Sono Radio, 1964)

14) Nil's Jazz Ensemble - Reflexiones
(Nil's Jazz Ensemble, Mag, 1976)

15) Los Holys - Piedra De Doce Angulos
(Sueño Psicodélico, Sono Radio, 196?)

16) Traffic Sound - Meshkalina
(Virgin, Mag, 1969)

17) Los Texao - La Pelea Del Gobernador
(Single B-Seite, Iempsa, 1967)

18) Juaneco Y Su Combo - Caballito Nocturno

(Single, IMSA, 196?)

19) Lucia de La Cruz - Toro Mata
(Single, ???, 196?)

20) Los Mirlos - Cabalgando con Ella
(Single, INS, 1970)

21) Los Riberenos - Silbando
(Single, Polydor, 1970)

22) Black Sugar - This Time
(Black Sugar, Sono Radio, 1971)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crate 07 - Summer Madness

Stone cold grooves for the hottest month of the year: Crate 07 of Diggin in the Crates is all about summer, sun, beaches and bikinis. Enjoy high temperature Library music, funky grooves from Brazil and Germany, Soul Classics as well as Fusion. It's getting hot in here!

01. Sun - Sun is here
(Single 12", Capitol, 1978)

02. Herbert Léonard - Laissez Entrer le Soleil
(Single, Mercury, 1969)

03. Living Funk - Silver black summerday
("Fools Love" B-Side, Funk Music Unlimited, 1973)

04. La Kabala - Miama Beach
(La Kabala, RCA Victor, 1970)

05. Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
("Spirit of the Boogie"  B-Side, De-Lite, 1975)

06. Atlas - Ain't no sunshine
(Atlas, Bacillus, 1977)

07. Klaus Wunderlich - Summertime
(The Golden Sound Of Hammond, Telefunken, 1971)

08. Manfred Krug - Wenn der Urlaub kommt
(Du bist heute wie neu, Amiga, 1976)

09. George Duke - Malibu
(The Aura will Prevail,  MPS, 1975)

10. Jochen Brauer Sextett - Sunny
(Shake, Rattle And Roll, Telefunken, 1975)

11. Frank Zappa - Let me take you to the beach
(Studio Tan, Warner, 1978)

12. James Reese & The Progressions - Let's go (it's summertime)
(Single, Najma, 1969)

13. Quincy Jones - Summer in the City
(Single, A&M Records, 1973)

14. The Last Electro-Acoustic Space & Percussion Ensemble -  Summer Suite (Excerpt)
(The Summer Suite, Stones Throw, 2009)

15. RAMP - Everybody loves the sunshine
(Come into Knowledge, ABC, 1977)

16.  Sivuca - Ain't no sunshine
(Sivuca, Vanguard, 1973)

17. Jackie Mittoo - Summertime
(Single, Studio One, 1967)

18. Jackie Mittoo - Summer Breeze
(Single, Studio One, 197?)

19. Steve Gray - Rhythm Banana
(Summer Sounds, Bruton Music, 1979)

20. Frank Ricotti - Bikini

(Souled Out, Bruton, 1981)

Hildegard Knef - Holiday Time

(Single B-Seite, Decca, 1971)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crate 06 - Vertigo Swirl

In the late sixties and early seventies almost every major record company set out to intiate one or more subsidiary labels whose aim was to consider rock music as a serious form of art. The idea was to offer the public a quality product which involved not only adventurous musical content, but also elaborate an artistic packaging. The Vertigo Swirl label founded by Mercury Records (Philips) in 1969 was the one which most consistently embodies this concept for Rock music. This is probably the reason why the Vertigo releases became some of the most collactable records of this style, comparable to Blue Note for Jazz.
For this Crate, I dug out some rare LP's, aside from the well-known releases by Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep, to portrait the musical spectrum of the label, which covers Progressive Rock, Fusion, Folk, Electronic and Hardrock as well as Jazz and Afrofunk!

1) Lighthouse - One fine morning
(One fine Morning, 1971)

2) Bob Downes Open Music - Keep Off the Grass
(Electric City, 1970)

3) Jade Warrior - Psychiatric Sergeant
(Jade Warrior, 1971)

4) Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots
(Roots, 1973)

5) Manfred Mann Chapter-Three - Time
(Manfred Mann Chapter-Three, 1969)

6) Lighthouse - Love of a Woman
(One fine Morning, 1971)

7) Gentle Giant - Black Cat
(Acquiring the Taste, 1971)

8) May Blitz - Honey coloured time
(2nd of May, 1971)

9) Affinity - I am and so are you
(Affinity, 1970)

10) Still Life - Dreams
(Still Life, 1971)

11) Gentle Giant - Funny Ways
(Gentle Giant, 1970)

12) Assagai - Cocoa
(Assagai, 1971)

13) Bob Downes Open Music - Keep Off the Grass
(Electric City, 1970)

14) Patto - Beat the Drum
(Hold Your Fire (Bonus), 1971)

15) Dr. Z - Spiritus, Manes Et Umbra
(Three Parts to My Soul, 1971)

16)  Ramases - Earth People
(Space Hymns, 1971)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crate 05 - Porn Grooves

It's getting hot in here! This is probably the most obscure topic I've chosen for a show: You are about to listen to one hour of Porn Grooves!
Over the last months I collected a couple of filthy Funk, grubby Soul and dirty Beat: Original motion picture soundtracks for porn flicks and rare library music used in erotic B-movies. From controversial genre classics like "Deep Throat" and "Debbie Does Dallas" to less known films from France or Italy, as well as "Lialeh", the first African-american porn movie ever produced - expect nothing but the most sexual music mix out there!

Crate 05 - Porn Grooves (Music from Erotic B-Movies, Porno Soundtracks and Funk from Sex flicks) by Diggininthecrates on Mixcloud

1) Roger Hamilton Spotts - Tongue
(Tongue OST, Chocolate Cities, 1975)

2) Midas Touch - Dad's a peregrinator (from "Debbie Does Dallas")
(ESL 128, Standard Music, 1974)

3) Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis (from "Le Mariage Collectif")
(OST Single, Disc'Az, 1971)

4) Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Hap'nin
(Lialeh OST, Bryan Records, 1974)

5) Unknown - Lovelace
(Deep Throat OST, Bonk, 2000 (RI))

6) Piero Piccioni - Pearls (rec. 1970)
(Camille 2000 OST, Easy Tempo, 1998)

7) Alden Shuman - The Teacher
(The Devil in Miss Jones OST, Janus Records, 1973)

8) Gert Wilden - Girl Faces (from "Schulmädchenreport I")
("Girl Report" Single B-Seite, Orange, 1970)

9) Mario Migliardi - Matalo
(OST Single, RCA, 1970)

10) Lucky Simon Orchestra - On the Road (from "Hot Rackets")
(On the Road, Selected Sound, 1978)

11) Alan Tew - The Detectives (from "Never so deep")
(Drama Suite I, Themes International, 1976)

12) Jean Pierre Pouret - Two partners
(Des 12 Meilleurs Films Classés X, General Music, 1980)

13) George Theodosiadis - Fluted Vibrator (from "Gynaecocracy")
(Fluted Vibrator Comp., Potfleur, 2001)

14) Ennio Morricone - Quella Donna
(Forza G OST, Cinevox, 2002)

15) Armando Trovaioli - Racconte Televisivo (from "Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi")
(Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi OST, GDM, 1976)

16) The Cyrkle - The Rigging
(The Minx OST, Flying Dutchman Amsterdam, 1970)

17) Mark Duval & His Music - The Bends
(Brass & Rhythms, Chappell, 1974)

18) William Sheller - Exitissimo
(Erotissimo OST Single, CBS, 1969)

19) William Loose - Kelly
(Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers OST, QDK Media, ???)

20) Peter Thomas - Modern Sex
(Peter Scores, Diggler, 2002)

21) Blowfly - The Sperm is gone
(The weird World of Blowfly, Weird World, 1973)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crate 04 - Revolutionary Kraut

The revolution will not be televised, it will be streamed on my Mixcloud channel: For Crate No. 4 I decided to take the 1st of May, which is commonly known as "Labour Day" in Europe, as an opportunity to go on a hunt for rare socialist records from Germany. I collected some Marxist Progressive Rock, as well as Leninist Funk, Politpunk, Labour-Folk and even Christian protest songs. The music sounds raw, dirty and in places experimental, while the lyrics are probably some of the most hilarious ever recorded in Germany without missing to embrace serious topics like unemployment, exploitation of labours and violation of police power. Clench your fist, raise it up and listen to this revolutionary mix!


1) Floh De Cologne - Fließbandbaby, manchmal träum ich
(Fließbandbaby's Beatshow, Ohr, 1970)

2) Lokomotive Kreuzberg - Speed, King & Co.
(James Blond - Den Lohnräubern auf der Spur, Pläne, 1973)

3)  Was Tun - Es geht
(Industire Rock - Zwischen Kokerei und Kanal, Pläne, 1975)

4) The Truth - Wut Zerstörung Ohnmacht
(Schmelze meine Kälte, Private press, 1970)

5) Lied des Teufels - Steht nicht abseits
(Lied des Teufels, Kuckuck, 1973)

6) Oktober - Betrieb
(Uhrsprung, Trikont, 1976)

7) Oskar Gottfried Blarr - Einige loben den Frieden
(Denn er hat Wunder getan, Schwann, 1968)

8) Floh De Cologne - Auf dem Arbeitsmarkt
(Rockoper Profitgeier, Ohr, 1971)

9) Checkpoint Charly - Hör mir zu, Bulle
(Feuer & Flamme, Schneeball, 1982)

10) Rising Stars - In dieser Stadt
(Überlebt nur der Tod EP, Studio Union, 197?)

11) Was Tun - Alle haben mitgemacht
(Industrie Rock - Zwischen Kokerei und Kanal)

12) Beton Combo - Bericht aus Bonn
(Perfektion ist Sache der Götter, Aggressive Rockproduktionen, 1981)

13) Lokomotive Kreuzberg - Ein Mann geht die Straße entlang I
(Kollege Klatt, Pläne, 1972)

14) Wolf Biermann - Schöner Tag in Duisburg (Arbeitslos)
(Wir müssen vor Hoffnung verrückt sein, EMI, 1982)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Crate 03 - Thai Grooves

The 3rd Crate of DITC is all about rare music from Thailand. You hear rare tunes from the Asian kingdom, which were recorded between 1965-85: From popular Luk Thung or Funk, to Psych, A go-go, Jazz and Molam. Enjoy these Siamese grooves!

This time I cannot write much about the records, because it is almost impossible to get some reliable information about the artists. Many songs are stated as"Unknown" because I am not able to read Thai. If know know more, please let me know.

1) The Imposibles - A1
(Soundtrack, ???, 197?)

2) Unknown - Unkown
(Single, Diamond?, 198?)

3) The King Star Echo - The Fugitive
(Caro A Go-Go, Caro (Hong Kong), 196?)

4) Jiraphand Ong-Ard - Thai Boxing
(Single, ???, 197?)

5) Suda Chuenbarn - Funky Broadway
(Single, Apples, 197?)

6) Phumphuang Duangchan - Tukta chal dam
(Single, ???, 197?)

7) Teun-Jai Boon Praraksa - Ha Fang Kheng Kan
(Single, ???, 197?)

8) Unknown - B3 (see picture)
(LP, Siam Label?, 197?)

9) Buppa Saichol - Sheng ra bert 
(Single, Blue Red White Label, 1971)

10) - The Impossibles - Give it up
(Hot Pepper, Philips (rec. in Sweden), 1975)

11) Unknown - Unknown
(Single EP, VP, 197?)

12) Unknown - Unknown
(Single, HIFI Label, 198?)

13) Saksiam Petch Chompu - Jeb Jeb Sab Sab
(Single, ???, 197?)

14) Franco Trombetta - Dhie Rak (Traditional Thai Song, recorded in Thailand)
(Single, Aladin Lamp Record, 196?)

15) The King Star Echo - You really got me
(Caro A Go-Go, Caro, 196?)

16) Payom Moogda - Tamai dern sae
(Single, ???, 196?)

17) Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng 
(LP, Metro, 1978)

18) Kabuan Garn Yor Yod Yung Yong - Gang Geng Nai Krai Lab
(???, ???, 196?)

19) Unknown - Unknown
(Single, ???, 198?)

20) Unknown - Unknown
(Single, RS Audio, 198?)

21) Soonthorn Sujaridchan & Krongthong Tussanaphan - Oudtalud Bump
(Single, Top Teen Talent, 197?)

22) Unknown - Unknown
(Single, ???, 198?)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crate 02 - Dig' around the World II

I raised the bar for this episode of DITC and dug deeper to get you the gems you never heard before. Go on a musical journey and discover records from Mongolia, Ghana, Moldavian and modern Colombia. Enjoy my second crate filled with records from all around the world!

01) Meridian Brothers - Guaracha UFO
(Desesperenza, Soundway, 2012)

This issue of DITC kicks off with a new song from Colombian Meridian Brothers, who released their first album in 2005 on CD only. Thanks to the new awakening interest on so called "World Music", which can be seen over the last ten years, the group was able to release the LP "Deseperenza" on Soundway Records. The British label is specialized in re-issuing recordings of obscure original Afrojazz, Afrofunk, and Latinjazz artists.

02) Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound - Para ser Rumbero
(La 8va. Maravilla, Fania, 1977)

Roberto Roena has recorded a lot of great music during his career, which stretches over more than five decades. He was part of the supergroup Fania All-Stars, played along Manu Dibango and conducted countless sessions with his own band Apollo Sound. The percussionist from Puerto Rico had his peak during the Boogaloo-hype in the 70's. I could have picked almost any of the ten songs featured on this LP because it's a pleasure from the beginning to the end.

03) Monk Montgomery - Foxy Gypsy
(Bass Odyssey, Chisa, 1971)

I found this record in a record shop in New York called "Gimme Gimme Records". Shortly after I entered the store and started digging through a big crate with rare Funk LP's the owner put on this piece of vinyl. He just got it and wanted to check the condition to fix a price. He didn't came far because I fell in love with this record and grabbed it before I could play the flipside.

04) Heshoo Beshoo Group – Emakhaya (Edit)
(Armitage Road, EMI/Columbia, 1970)

Diggers who are interested in African music might know that there are some really nice Jazz records from South Africa, who were recorded during the 60's and 70's. This is my personal favorite. In one of my first shows I played the great track "Wait and See"from this record. "Emakhaya" is another gem, which was also featured on the compilation "Next Stop....Soweto Vol. 3, Giants, Ministers And Makers" which was released on Strut records in 2010.

05) Syrius - Széttört Álmok
(Széttört Álmok, Pepita, 1976)

This is the 2nd LP from the Hungarian Progrock / Funkrock band Syrius. Their critically acclaimed debut "Devil's Maquerade", recorded in 1972 is supposed to be on of the best European Jazzrock albums to this day. For me as a breaklover the second LP "Széttört Álmok" (Broken Dreams) is even better because it contains some nice drums and funky breaks. Luckily I found this LP on a fleamarket for 1 Euro in between a lot of boring folk and German Schlager music. It was worth the strains.

06) Bayan Mongol Variety Group - Жалам хар
(Эстрадный Ансамбль "Баян Монгол" Чуулгa, Мелодия, 1980)

According to rumours around this record it was pressed in a limited edition of less than 500 copies. At least this would explain why collectors pay up to 300$ for this item. Too much, if you ask me because aside from "Жалам хар" (A black horse) with a drumbreak at the beginning there are not many interesting songs on the album. It's mostly traditional folk music.

07) Ellison - Strawberry Rain
(Ellison, Supreme, 1971)

An English speaking band from Montreal, Quebec that started in 1967 under the name "Johnny Peace featuring Marandola and Arcand", In 1971 they released their first and last album under the title "Ellison". This record is a real gem and people who have seem to have too much money pay more than 1000$ to own a original copy instead of buying the reissue.

08) Mel Tormé - A Day In The Life Of Bonnie & Clyde
(The Music goes round, Liberty, 1968)

Melvin Howard Torma a.k.a. Mel Tormé is a all-rounder. Not only he is a Jazz singer, composer, arranger, pianist and drummer, he also worked as actor and author. The velvet fog, how his manager once called him, started to sing in 1929 with the age of four and was active until the 90's, when he died after a stroke.

09) ВИА ''Оризонт'' - У Мельницы
(Оризонт, Мелодия, 1978)

This is a rare and funky record from the USSR. As far as I know it's a Moldavian band who recorded this album for the socialist label Melodica in 1978. If anybody has more detailed information, please let me know.

10) Tania Maria - Fio Maravilha
(Via Brasil, Barcley, 1975)

Popular music was once a cool breeze wafting over musical psyche. Soft sambas, filled with breathy vocals, swishing percussion, and liquid melodies, created an image of sun-drenched beaches set in a refined, relaxed atmosphere. Emotions glided through the music, quietly accenting it, yet never disturbed the effortless flow of sound. And then came Tania Maria! The coolness of composers like Jorge Ben, who wrote "Fio Maravilha", was still present but it was now contrasted with fiery musical outbursts - intense vocals, pounding chords and incessant rhythms.

11) Lola Martin - Edamise Oh!
(Lola Chante La Martinique, Disques Jojo, 197?)

Lola Martin was born on Martinique, a small French-Caribbean island in the Antilles, from where she moved to Guadeloupe to become a famous singer. Between 1950-1970 she was one of the most famous singers in the region and her Creole chansons were well-known. 

12) De Frank Professionals - Afe Ato Yen Bio
(De Frank Professionals, Anopa Nsonoma, 1978)

De Frank and his Professionals recorded three albums during the 70's, from which this is the last one. If you have the chance to get a copy of any of these LP's - go for it! They all contain funky highlife and as far as they haven't been reissued, buying the rare original press is the only way you can listen to this music. I hope a label will soon release a retrospective of this Ghanaian band.

13) TRT Ara Müzikleri - Çeçen Kızı
(TRT Ara Müzikleri, Yanca, 197?)

This rare gem comes from Turkey, a country that has been in focus for digging at the latest since J Dilla, Madlib and in particular his brother Oh No sampled a lot of music from the Bosporus. The instrumental LP has become sought-after because of tracks like "Çeçen Kızı" featuring ethnomusicologist Nathan Davis who is saxophonist and trombonist. For me this is definately the highlight of the LP.

14) Monument - Give me Life
(The First Monument, Beacon, 1971)

This was a rather mystical progressive album, which is now rare and sought-after by collectors. The four British musicians who recorded the album were members of Zior and the LP was the result of a drunken all-night jam session, which is probably why its such a mish-mash of tempo changes and different styles.

15)  Eden's Children - Come when I call
(Sure looks Real, ABC, 1968)

While the self-titled debut album of Eden's Children was a heavy psychedelic trip, which sounded like a progressive mixture of Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead the second LP "Sure looks real" is much more mellow and dreamy. The Psych purist would say the sound is flat, thin and without energy compared to their debut, but even though the first album is great I like the second one just as well. I mean, come on guys, are you not getting bored by hearing the same guitar effects turned up to the maximum all the time?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crate 01 - Dig' Around the World

I selected a bunch of records for the February episode that I had in my crates for quiete some time, but never had the chance to play. You will hear a mix of rare tunes from Peru, Norway, East Germany, Japan and Nigeria. No talking - just music!

01) Oliver Nelson - Skull Session
(Skull Session, Flying Dutchman, 1975)

Ok, you got me! I played this track before, but it's too good. I found the record two years ago, when I spent some days at Amoeba Records. The sample-nerds might recognize "Skull Session" from the dope (and also very rare) Cage & Tame1 LP "Waterworld".

02) Breaktout - Listen to the Rhythm
(NOL, Polskie Nagranie Muza, 1976)

Another one for the sample-heads out there. DJ Format sampled the track years ago for "We know something". This record polish record is actually not very rare, but hard to find in a good condition if you don't want to go the easy way via discogs.

03) Horace Silver - Acid, pot or pills
(Total Response, Blue Note, 1971)

The jazz pianist Horace Silver began his career on tenor sax, but switched a few years later to piano. Ironically, a saxophone player (Stan Getz) discovered his talent 1950 and took him on tour. Silver moved to the Jazz capital New York afterwards and got scouted by the Blue Note Label - the rest is history. Many jazz purists rank the LP "Total response" very low, as well as a few of his other solo albums from this period. Mostly because Horace Silver does not only play piano, but sings also.

04) Ben & The Platano Group - Culzean
(Paris Soul, Barclay, 1971)

A great, groovy LP from the beginning to the end. You really have to search hard for a boring, non-dancefloor track on this album and won't find any. No surprise, that you have to pay a lot of dollars to get the original press. Fortunately, there are some good reissues available.

05) La Kabala - El Cumbanchero
(La Kabala, RCA Victor, 1970)

Even a lot of latin-specialized cratediggers have not heard about this great record from Peru. A lot of dancefloor-grooves, spiced up with psych effects and some nice vocals in between. "La Kabala" might be the name of the album as well as the name of the band, but it could also be possible that it's a compilation like it's stated on Discogs. But who are the artists then? A mysterious holy grail that's impossible to find.

06) Shinsuke Kikuchi - B01
(Kamen Rider BGM Collection, Columbia, 1984)

Instead of European television, which just broadcasts American TV-Series in a synchronized version, Japan produced their own shows and developed an unique action-style like Power Rangers or Kamen Rider. The Soundtrack composed by Shinsuke Kikuchi is hard to find, even in the world-capital of records: Tokyo,

07) Joko-Dev-Sextett - Stapellauf
(Single, AMIGA, 1971)

The east German monopolist AMIGA released a lot of funky records, which are mostly forgotten nowadays. Even more rare and obscure is DDR-Psych like "Stapellauf", which was surprisingly not forbidden by the DDR-regime. A lot of rock musicians at that time suffered from a strict censorship. In this case, the band was allowed to release such progressive music beacause the pseudo-proletarian lyrics deals with launching a boat at the dockyard.

08) Stranger Cole - Crying every night (vs. Nextmen Remix)
(Single, Baron's, 1971)

A little mash-up of Stanger Cole's "Crying every night", which is a cover of The Guess Who "These eyes", and the instrumental B-Side by Herman Marquis. The raps are from Haiku D'Etat, a avantgarde HipHop-supergroup from California.

09)  Girma Beyene - Ene negn bay manesh
(Single B-Side, Ahma Records, 1969)

Produced by nobody else than the pioneer of Ethio Jazz Mulatu Astatke. This song got popular lately, after it appeared on some Afrobeat-comps and Cut Chemist used it as opening track for his great "Sound of the Police"-mix. Strangely, this single was pressed in India.

10) Willie Bobo and The Bo-Gents - Shut up and pay attention
(Do what you want to do, Sussex, 1971)

One of these albums that are not extremely rare, but see a lot of reissues because so many DJ's want to have a clean copy of it. William Correa aka Willie Bobo was one of the key players who fused influences from latin Soul, rock, and jazz in the late 1960s and 1970s, in other words: boogaloo! 

11)  Peter Thomas - Pan-latino
(O Melhor De Peter Thomas, Imagem, 1974)

Unexpectedly I found this Brazilian record in a Japanese store. At first, I thought it's an odd tribute album to the famous German film composer Peter Thomas. But listening to the LP I instantly realized that it has nothing to do with him, except sharing the name and the taste for good grooves. "Pan-latino" is a nice example for this organ-driven gem.

12) The Hygrades - Rough Rider
(Single, His master's voice, 197?)

Back to the African continent! The Hygrades demonstrate on "Rough Rider" how funky Nigeria was in the 70's. Fuzzy guitars and hard-driven grooves meet psychedelic effects. An amazing tune that is only effortable to those who have a few hundred dollars. Everyone else has to be lucky that Soundway Records dug it out for their compilation "The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria".

13)  That's Why - Dyp av nade
(Taht's Why, Jazzman, 2012)

At the latest since Black Sabbath introdoced the world to Heavy Metal, we all knew: Rock music must be the work of the devil. To bring the youth back on the path of light, the Christian church in Norway started a music project in the 70's called Forum Experimentale. The idea was to combine rock and folk music with religious music. One of the bands was That's Why, who recorded "Children Of The Future Age" and "That's Why Vol. II". In 2012 your favorite DJ's favorite label Jazzman Records released a best of, featuring music from these forgotten treasures.

14) Cortex - Chanson d'un jour d'hiver
(Troupeau Bleu, Disques Espérance, 1975)

There has been written a lot about this great LP. The debut album by the French Fusion-band Cortex is a must-have. The list of artists who sampled from this record in the last few years is long. No wonder why, this piece of vinyl puts you in a special mood from the first to the last second.

15) The Right Kind - My money is funny
(Single B-Side, Galaxy, 197?)

There is not much to say about this record. Just another funk-instrumental, but a good one!