Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crate 05 - Porn Grooves

It's getting hot in here! This is probably the most obscure topic I've chosen for a show: You are about to listen to one hour of Porn Grooves!
Over the last months I collected a couple of filthy Funk, grubby Soul and dirty Beat: Original motion picture soundtracks for porn flicks and rare library music used in erotic B-movies. From controversial genre classics like "Deep Throat" and "Debbie Does Dallas" to less known films from France or Italy, as well as "Lialeh", the first African-american porn movie ever produced - expect nothing but the most sexual music mix out there!

Crate 05 - Porn Grooves (Music from Erotic B-Movies, Porno Soundtracks and Funk from Sex flicks) by Diggininthecrates on Mixcloud

1) Roger Hamilton Spotts - Tongue
(Tongue OST, Chocolate Cities, 1975)

2) Midas Touch - Dad's a peregrinator (from "Debbie Does Dallas")
(ESL 128, Standard Music, 1974)

3) Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis (from "Le Mariage Collectif")
(OST Single, Disc'Az, 1971)

4) Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Hap'nin
(Lialeh OST, Bryan Records, 1974)

5) Unknown - Lovelace
(Deep Throat OST, Bonk, 2000 (RI))

6) Piero Piccioni - Pearls (rec. 1970)
(Camille 2000 OST, Easy Tempo, 1998)

7) Alden Shuman - The Teacher
(The Devil in Miss Jones OST, Janus Records, 1973)

8) Gert Wilden - Girl Faces (from "Schulmädchenreport I")
("Girl Report" Single B-Seite, Orange, 1970)

9) Mario Migliardi - Matalo
(OST Single, RCA, 1970)

10) Lucky Simon Orchestra - On the Road (from "Hot Rackets")
(On the Road, Selected Sound, 1978)

11) Alan Tew - The Detectives (from "Never so deep")
(Drama Suite I, Themes International, 1976)

12) Jean Pierre Pouret - Two partners
(Des 12 Meilleurs Films Classés X, General Music, 1980)

13) George Theodosiadis - Fluted Vibrator (from "Gynaecocracy")
(Fluted Vibrator Comp., Potfleur, 2001)

14) Ennio Morricone - Quella Donna
(Forza G OST, Cinevox, 2002)

15) Armando Trovaioli - Racconte Televisivo (from "Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi")
(Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi OST, GDM, 1976)

16) The Cyrkle - The Rigging
(The Minx OST, Flying Dutchman Amsterdam, 1970)

17) Mark Duval & His Music - The Bends
(Brass & Rhythms, Chappell, 1974)

18) William Sheller - Exitissimo
(Erotissimo OST Single, CBS, 1969)

19) William Loose - Kelly
(Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers OST, QDK Media, ???)

20) Peter Thomas - Modern Sex
(Peter Scores, Diggler, 2002)

21) Blowfly - The Sperm is gone
(The weird World of Blowfly, Weird World, 1973)